Access control is, quite simply, a means of providing control over entry to any building or vulnerable area enabling authorized person’s easy access whilst denying access to all others. Entry control has always been an important factor in the fight against crime, but at a time of economic difficulty and the rising crime statistics, it is even more important for all of us to become more security conscious. It is essential that employees and their possessions are protected in the working environment, and that a Company’s efforts in developing new products, materials or processes are not wasted through industrial espionage or impaired by theft and / or vandalism.

Electronic access control is easy to understand and may consist of remote locking / unlocking devices, code or card entry systems, hands free ‘proximity’ type systems or entry phone intercom systems. They will provide an unobtrusive but highly effective safeguard against theft, vandalism, personal violence and intrusion to businesses, blocks of flats, industrial plants and computer suites etc.


EDI are able to install and maintain a comprehensive range of quality systems from single ‘stand-alone’ units to large multi-user, multi-location computer controlled ‘on line’ systems as required.

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